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Giving the name baju batik of the target market in accordance with Romi , namely batik enthusiasts who live in big cities . That is why , Romi tried to make different designs of batik with batik work in batik solo general .

Romi claimed , one of the batik business success toko batik online because he dared to make a breakthrough design was different . ” The spirit to be different in creating batik into my spirit , ” said the man who is gamis batik accustomed to receive his award .

The first time producing , Romi just working Pekalongan model baju terbaru market alone . But in the 2000s , managed to penetrate the market Romi Jakarta . “That’s when I met the Minister of Commerce and asked batik pekalongan me to introduce batik Pekalongan , ” said Romi .

Invitation of the Minister of Trade was made ??Romi become seragam kerja frequent around the various areas in order to introduce batik Pekalongan . He is also a frequent conference speaker with regard to batik . ” baju batik pria And so, my usual commute Jakarta , Solo and Yogyakarta , ” he said

Because popular , Romi Batik Pekalongan believed Lovers Society as chairman baju muslim of Pekalongan Batik festival organizers in 2005 . In a festival that Romi make new breakthroughs . He shared from Pekalongan batik artisans kain batik managed to break the world record for the longest batik universal recorded in the Guinness World of Records .

It broke the record for less than a day , he and batik batik baju batik sarimbit fabric along 1,147 meters . ” Event was recorded the world , ” said the man born in Pekalongan , October 30, 1973 it .

Since then the name Romi driven up, not only domestically but also abroad . Invitation baju batik couple to introduce batik abroad lined up on his desk . Of the batik he also was awarded a Seal of Excellence for motif batik Handicraft of Unesco Asia Pacific in 2006 and 2007 .

Not only that , in 2006 Romi also took home awards from the Association of the baju batik modern ASEAN Handicraft Promotion and Development ( AHPADA ) . Domestically Creator won the award busana muslim terbaru Romi Copyright Kriya archipelago of the National Crafts Council ( Dekranas ) in 2006 as well .

Romi ‘s popularity spread to the batik business . His meeting with many people model batik making him familiar with batik buyers from at home and abroad . Of the many buyers , the most memorable for model baju 2014 him is batik from Japanese buyers .

Sakura batik enthusiasts of country led him to learn the process of model baju pesta dyeing kimono in Japan . Not to waste the opportunity , Romi went to Japan and learn affix colors , motifs , gambar batik and patterns on the kimono .

Completed study , Romi back to baju batik wanita Pekalongan and apply the expertise , namely batik kimono later on exported to Japan . Until now routinely Romi export batik kimono 300 pieces per month . ” My focus is export dress batik to Japan because of the high demand there , ” said Romi .
In addition to serving the Japanese market , Romi also serve model baju batik in domestic orders . Within a month Romi produce 4,000 pieces of batik , and 200 pieces of batik. If the price of a piece of blus batik is priced at Rp 100,000 only, Romi would be able to gain a turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars a month

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